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Listening = Longevity for Irwin

S killed craftsman, professional trades workers and DIY experts agree that Irwin is one of the most reliable companies in the tool industry. Many would say that Irwin earned this reputation by listening to their customers.

Irwin has a long-standing history that dates back to the first Irwin drill bit, patented by Charles Irwin upon the formation of the Irwin Auger Bit Company. From the company’s inception, tradesmen relied on Irwin inventions to meet their field needs. Products like vice grip locking pliers, wood boring bits, step drill bits, chalk reels, one-handed bar clamps and blades made their work easier and much more efficient.

Irwin conducted hundreds of conversations with professional tradesmen each year to learn what’s most important to them on the jobsite. Many expressed frustration with having to carry around multiple types of drill bits, and switch out bits depending on the particular material they needed to drill into.

Based on feedback, Irwin introduced multi-material drill bits that can be used on wood, metal, plastic, laminates, brick, block, tile and marble. These bits have unique diamond-ground carbide tips with super-sharp cutting edges for improved accuracy and hole-boring quality. Now, tradesmen can drill through all sorts of materials with one single bit.

Today, Irwin continues to have conversations with the hardworking men and women who keep the water running, wire our homes with electricity, and repair our cars so we can travel safely on the road. Irwin’s dedication to making hand and power tool accessories that make their lives easier is why they maintain their position as one of America’s top tool manufacturers.