Gilmour LETS START WITH A BETTER HOSE Flexogen® Heavy Duty Hose Flexogen® hoses deliver superior all‑around performance for your lawn, garden, deck, and driveway.
Count on a Flexogen® garden hose to curve without kinking,
connect without leaking and hold up with each season.
BOTANICALLY SPEAKING Why not grow your own? We offer the finest selection of gourmet vegetable seeds by Botanical Interests.
Whether you want to plant tried and true varieties or explore new culinary delights, you'll
be pleased with our selection of staples and atypical vegetable seeds.
A TABLE FOR OUTDOOR LIVING Our selection of teak furniture will complete you space. Come in to the showroom today to speak with one of our professionals. MAKE YARD WORK FUN AGAIN Clean leaves, groom gravel, rake hay all with ease Mintcraft durable premium lawn and garden tools are available at Prim's Carmel General Store.